Cooking Tips

Proper care must be taken when preparing elk, bison and venison. These are very lean sources of protein that must be carefully cooked for the finest dining experience.

Steaks- Grilled, broiled, or sauteed to a rare or medium rare with a good amount of internal juice. Outside can be seared to hold moisture.

Roasts- For slicing buffet style, roasts should be left on the medium rare side. For pot roast/crock pot style, roast slow (200° 5-6 hours will fall apart). Cook covered to hold moisture.

Burgers/Brats- Grill, fry, or broil. Sear both sides to hold moisture and cook to desired temperature or doneness.

Temperature- 130°-135° Rare 135°-140° Medium Rare 145-150° Medium(No pink) 150°+(Jerky!)

Want more info on how to properly cook elk? Call us at 763-428-8561. We will be happy to give you advice for better enjoyment of the finest meats available.

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